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VueScan licenses are not transferable when you buy or sell your computer. If more than one person (who is not a family member) uses the computer, you need a separate VueScan license for each computer. I also agree that revoking a user`s license information goes too far. A few weeks ago, my copy of VueScan started telling me that it was not registered, even though I bought a professional license that has a lifetime registration. I sent an email to explain it, and here`s the answer: you pay for something, the person takes your money, then revokes the license? It`s theft. I don`t care how disgusting he felt about Mr. Nicholson. I don`t care if Nicholson insulted Hamrick`s mother. And it still honors the licenses purchased, unlike so many other developers who stare at us by switching to a subscription model…

Apparently, not only does Mr. Hamrick not want to be harassed by bug reports, but if he decides he doesn`t like you, he`ll just revoke your license. A user named Steve Nicholson wrote this post about his experience reporting an error to the VueScan developer: As well, it is not configured in your PC and only exploits it in your program. In addition, it protects your program and has a very superior technique and preserves your investment decision. At present, it allows more than SEVEN HUNDRED scanner and 209 electronic cameras of raw documents as well as lasts about five times of download and set-up. The brand new edition of this application uses professional photographer, home consumers, control service and business. It is used in everyone more than the world, simply because it is the majority of the suitable for almost all programs. Keep your organization`s scanners as well as the new Ed Hamrick, who has been developing and updating Vuescan for over two decades, seems to be some breed of grouchy, old School-Halsbart Solo-Dev, that I`ve met before. Unfortunately, you can see that user feedback goes back years that bear witness to his prose. I`ve never looked after this man, but over the years I`ve had monoman app stores similar to Hamricks`. If I own crotchety products that I need, I have learned that it is best to sometimes pour only on sugar.