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The mission requirements, organizational goals, and goals of the USGS, as well as the performance goals set by each staff, must be met during the work performed under an AWS. The supervisor is free to restrict or cancel the AWS agreement if organizational effectiveness, productivity, efficiency, or individual performance are negatively affected. Supervisors should inform staff in writing of their intention to restrict or terminate an AWS agreement and specify the reasons for and the effective date of the measure. We now have many more employees working from home than before. That`s why we wanted to share with you the following guide “How to start a telework contract” (guide to @theCore A-Z index under telework agreement, guide). Employees who receive a renewal notification should speak with their supervisor and confirm that the details of the telework agreement are current. When employees request central telework (i.e., telework on a regular and planned basis), they must confirm with their supervisor that the concordant executive officer has not changed. A concordant management officer is the official responsibility of management to review and approve staff requests for core work arrangements at the second level. Generally speaking, the concordant management officer is the supervisor of a second-level employee. Superiors applying for basic employment contracts must communicate to the concordant managers the names of the staff requesting basic employment agreements and the details before approving the agreements. Answer: Select the code that best suits the circumstances.

Choose Code F – Regular Employee Home for pay periods if you telework twice a week for three weeks, code I – Periodic Employee Home for the day you telework once in three months, and code C – Frequent Regular Employee Home for days when you telework every day for a week. Upon receipt of an approved AWS agreement, timekeepers must follow established local procedures for processing information in the registration and payroll systems. . . .