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“As president of a carrier, a standardized contract will save efficiency and time,” said Rick Staller, President of Bee Trucking Inc. and President of the TIA Motor Carrier Conference. “This contract covers two of the major problems for carriers: it requires brokers to pay even if they do not entangle them with the shipper, and it allows for regressing if the broker does not pay within an agreed time frame. Use of the sender: If the forwarder offers the shipper to use the payment, the broker does not pay the forwarder. The contract offers these benefits to both carriers and brokers: the two organizations began the model agreement more than six months ago with a small working group made up of members of both organizations. Regarding the importance of the model agreement and cooperation between the two organizations, Kenny Lund, a member of United Fresh, notes that the Association of Transport Intermediaries (TIA), an interprofessional third-party association (3PLs), has developed a brokerage-carrier contract to promote best practices between brokers and carriers. The standard contract is available on the TIA website: Consider for payment to performing bodies: Sees an unauthorized re-brokerage ban on cargo. The model also provides for payment directly to the exporting institution if the broker discovers that the cargo has been resettled without authorization and prior to payment. In addition to the TIA-United Fresh Produce Association Broker Shipper model agreement, TIA is pleased to unveil updated versions of model co-brokerage, brokerage and brokerage agreements. TIA member James Lee, Vice President, Legal Affairs for The Transport of Choptank talks about the importance of TIA and United Fresh Produce Association, which create this model of agreement: `Broker must pay: Offer for the broker`s payments forwarder, regardless of whether the broker withdraws the payment from his client.

“Our only goal for the TIA Model Broker-Carrier-Carrier Contract was to create a fair and balanced model contract that increases the standard and serves the best interests of both brokers and carriers,” said Robert Voltmann, President and CEO of TIA.