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There is no law that requires the registration of commercial contracts. However, where a commercial agreement results in the transfer, pledging or licensing of a trade mark, patent or circuit, it shall be registered by the competent authorities. Failure to register shall result in the inapplicibility of such transfer, pledging or licence to bona bona ceasing. Although there are no blank online rules for specific types of products made available under shrink film agreements, the following are common: technology transfer agreements are registered or submitted to the competent authority depending on the nature of the technology. Trademark and patent license agreements are registered with the China National Intellectual Property Administration. Essential contracts concluded by listed companies may be subject to disclosure. As a general rule, there is no legal obligation to register commercial contracts (subject to certain exceptions, for example. B registration of qualified agency, distribution and franchise agreements with the Ministry of Trade and Investment). In addition, under Ukrainian legislation, agreements for the transfer of real estate (e.g.B. contract of sale, exchange or gift) are subject to the obligation of notarial deed. The acquired real estate title is subject to mandatory state registration in the state register of property rights of real estate, since Ukrainian legislation creates real estate property on the day of its public registration.

In addition, stamp duty must be paid in accordance with federal and state stamp laws in order to validate or authenticate certain documents, such as intellectual property transfer agreements. It is now fairly well established that contraction and click-trip agreements are legally binding and enforceable. The decisions currently taken in this area have raised most of the fundamental concerns about mass licensing for implementation. For example, provided that the user knows that the transaction is subject to additional terms and that he has the right to return the software and obtain a refund if these conditions prove unacceptable, the courts have ruled against users who have argued that the terms of shrink film or click-trip agreements should not be applied because users had not read it or because there was no possibility: read all the conditions before payment….