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(For the purposes of this disclosure, the buyer also means “tenant” and the seller also means “renter”) – Please fill out the forms online or print them out and fill them out and send them by email or fax to the stockbroker if you currently have no agreement with one of our real estate agents. Electronic signatures and written signatures are accepted. Direct contact with a seller may be sold and could cause irreparable damage to the business. Not only does this destroy your trust in the seller and broker, but it is also a violation of the confidentiality agreement, a binding legal document. You don`t have the opportunity to work with the broker. I am aware of the various brokerage relationships available provided by the owner of the sales agency, the buying agency or the transaction brokerage – hardware and information about the company and is considered correct for evaluating the possible purchase of the business. Horizon Business Brokers, LLC does not guarantee the accuracy of information disclosed or secured by the seller, and Horizon Business Brokers, LLC or its brokers do not guarantee assumptions as true and fair. I also understand that it is the buyer`s responsibility to verify the material and information during a due diligence process before the end of the sale of the business. In the event that I decide not to purchase the business, I understand that it is the exclusive responsibility of the undersigned to return all documents, financial or otherwise, that have been made available to me and which have been used to evaluate the transaction to the broker within 72 hours of that decision. As always, please leave a comment below on the business broker stories you have that would benefit others who are willing to buy their first store. Do Not – Follow a company with no serious interest.

If you have established that a business is not right for you, do not pursue it. This may seem like a no-brain, but it can be tempting to follow the process just to try it out. It`s a waste of time for you, the broker and the seller. Instead, consider continuing your research elsewhere and joining the broker`s warnings for future companies that meet your criteria. A business broker will always give you a hand in the steps for the purchase, in order to pursue only a business that you are really interested in owning. If you`re curious about the process but don`t care about the business itself, just ask the realtor! In addition, thieves who are willing to share with zeal from the beginning will be able to go through the process with much more lightness and speed than those who remain mysterious. Buying a business is an ongoing process of common information from both buyer and seller, so collaboration and proactivity are a great advantage in this aspect. Remember, an NDA signed by an interested party does not mean that your broker is obliged to come up with information about you and your business. Even if a buyer has signed an NDA, your experienced business broker qualifies that buyer before sharing your business information. If a potential buyer appears to be evasive, unserured or unqualified from an educational, experience or financial point of view, even a signed NOA is unlikely to be enough to initiate your business broker into a discussion with them. Client: A client participates in a real estate transaction with which the broker has no brokerage relationship, because the broker has not hired the broker or as a party transaction broker. That I will not pass on any information about these companies to other people who have not also signed and dated this agreement, except to provide their advice and advice, in which case I agree to obtain their consent in order to preserve that confidentiality.