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So that`s the overall agreement. So I can then enter BMX again, another type of BMX bike that we have set up in the system, so I have a Marley BMX type bike, it`s $900 and it`s taken from this lump sum deal. If I change the crowd, we`ll just get out of this lump sum deal, and it`ll be tested. Among the many new improvements to SAP Business One version 9.3 framework agreements are features that make the function more flexible, including the possibility: ceiling agreements are available in both sales modules – A/R- and Purchasing – A/P and can serve as the basis for expected revenue forecasts, quantity reservations and materials needs planning (MRP). A sales framework contract is a long-term agreement between a distributor and a customer. It usually occurs when a customer has committed to purchase large quantities of products that will be delivered over a period of time in several minor shipments. The second section, where users find general match settings, is under administration > the system is initialized > document settings. The “Blanket Agreement” line states two boxes: “Block multiple ceiling agreements for the same A/P document” and “Block multiple ceiling agreements for the same A/R document.” From an administrative point of view, it is important for users to familiarize themselves with these settings, as well as with all the other settings found here, in order to get the maximum benefits from SAP Business One. If all the agreements indicated in the framework lines are fully executed by the Debitor (all items are delivered), the sales framework agreement is concluded and the debitor cannot create another contract on the basis of the sales framework contract. I can then go all the way and see the information, so that when I float above, I see this header, some of the remarks so that it gives me this snippet of information. I can always repeal it, I can withdraw the lump sum agreement or just apply the special prices that we have already put in place in the system, and then it will simply act without reference to the lump sum agreement. The first area I will address is special pricing.

So this is the first step in the hierarchy, and a method of access is simply to be with the indicated business partner, to click right on the business partner, and here you have an option called special pricing for business partners. Okay, so the price list is something that needs to be put in place. This is a mandatory part of the SAP Business One system that must be in place before you can start setting up customers or business partners. So it`s very important. By default, it is possible to create only a sales framework agreement for counterparties valid within the same time frame. If you want to create multiple agreements for a valid business partner within the same time frame, click SAP Business One Click: Administration > the system > General Settings. On the BP tab, enable multiple framework agreements for the same period.