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A business of ancient style but fresh technique!

Etched In Stone etched rocks storeA lifelong native of southeastern Idaho, Joni Dixon has always appreciated and understood the beauty of the Intermountain West. She holds a fondness for all things natural and authentic. This authenticity permeates her everyday backdrop. Her quest is to integrate natural elements and the urban world attractively. In 2003, Joni brought her years of marketing and design experience to start Etched in Stone. With the help of technology she has sped up the process of ancient rock art engraving.

Etched in Stone’s products continuously draw interest because their simple design suits both indoor and outdoor environments. Etched in Stone’s prices range from $10 and $200 (and weather-impervious bulk up to 50 pounds). Joni spends a considerable amount of time making sure each artifact will not wether away with rain, sun, or snow. That is why these fresh and timeless products have earned the reputation of affordable private artifacts.


Today, Joni leads a growing team of Idaho artists and engravers — including her own children Jana Richens and Tim Richens — in transforming locally gathered stones into everlasting personal treasures. The business has expanded its collections into tile, slate, and glass. This expansion has fulfilled hundreds of custom requests, and quenched today’s topography and contemporary tastes.


Etched in Stone is the premier producer of engraved stones in the Western U.S. selling through two channels: specialty retail shops (including its own storefront on First Street in Idaho Falls ), and the Internet. Recently the company became affiliated with the National Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Celebration, attaining license to engrave Clark’s 1806 Pompey’s Pillar signature. They also have the rights to copy the famous Wyoming Bucking Bronco. They know more trademark licenses will soon follow!


To learn more about Etched in Stone , see Services. Contact Etched in Stone’s crew directly to open a re-seller account or carve your own one-of-a-kind keepsake!